manufacturing leaf springs
Certification ISO/ TS 16949:2009
automated assembly machines

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the quality policy COLMAR S.A is defined in the staff's commitment to make every effort to ensure the following quality charter:


Respect the requirements of customers by providing products and services at the lowest cost and delivery time.


Gain and maintain the confidence of our partners by establishing a climate of confidence resulting from the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services by preventing defects of the reduction of variation and waste in the process the company.


Empower the entire company hierarchy and involve all staff in the progress constantly on the path of quality by improving working conditions and ensuring safety.


initiate, train and motivate the entire staff of the company to quality, modern methods of production and control processes to ensure the principles of improvement and quality of all levels of the company .


Recognize  consistently for long term that the total quality is our tool to achieve zero defect.

Respect government regulations in terms of safety, health and environment.